SHOW hit the big screen of NASDAQ

2018 / 02 / 15

On February 15, 2018 (EST), also the Lunar New Year’s Eve in China, SHOW hit the big screen of NASDAQ to celebrate the Lunar New Year with Chinese people at home and SHOW families abroad.


As is well-known, the screen of the NASDAQ stock exchange building located in New York’s Times Square is regarded as a symbol of success and wealth. By hitting the big screen of NASDAQ, SHOW not only spread the blessings of the Lunar New Year to the world, but also manifested its unremitting efforts and pioneering & innovative attitude as the world’s first decentralized live streaming platform.


As displayed in the big screen of NASDAQ, SHOW will focus on “We Redefine Live” in 2018. Thanks to the continuous support from SHOW fans. In the new year, SHOW will definitely achieve rapid development and will open a glorious chapter.

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